Every November, HARMAN celebrates World Quality Month to reaffirm our commitment to customer satisfaction and business growth by enhancing the quality of our products, services, and business processes. Our success relies on connections – with each other and across teams and divisions – to deliver the seamless experiences that our customers have come to expect.

“Elevating customer expectations is our top priority as we look at how we can improve and sustain superior quality results,” points out Mark Quint, VP of Quality Excellence at HARMAN who leads a global team of more than 1,000 quality professionals. “We adhere to and surpass industry standards to make sure our products and solutions meet basic quality requirements, and then encourage our team members to proactively contribute ideas, developments, and innovations to exceed customer expectations.”

Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Our customers’ needs are always top of mind, enabling us to innovate faster, reduce complexity, and solve problems quickly and permanently. Because we deliver products and services to different stakeholders – from our partners, to OEMs, distributors, and directly to consumers – customizing and adjusting our approach to customer satisfaction and quality standards is key. Here’s how we do it:

  • As a leading automotive supplier: We integrate OEM customer scorecards that measure our performance on delivery, quality, warranty performance into our monthly governance. It is critical to meet customer expectations on the basics. We stretch expectations through our new innovation process that helps us anticipate customer needs in support of our Experiences Per Mile initiative.  
  • As a digital transformation solutions provider: We listen intently to our clients to provide cloud based technology solutions that improve workforce engagement, promote healthy lifestyles and connected experiences.
  • As a lifestyle audio provider: We capture the “Voice of the Customer” in our Customer Relationship Management system to help analyze product reviews and customer feedback, and identify areas for improvement. Because the customer experience extends beyond the product itself to the buying and ownership experience, we also rely on our Net Promoter Score to help measure whether a consumer will promote our brands and their experience to others.

Elevating Customer Expectations
Our seamless collaboration with partners drives our success. We apply the integration of new connected technologies into vehicles to deliver more Experiences Per Mile, or to enhance the ownership experience of our headphones and speakers. We have simplified our Quality Management System (QMS) to facilitate innovation across the company by making expectations clear to all teams. We leverage our investment in standard tools that support our processes and ensure that teams speak the same language.  We can now innovate faster and spread lessons learned far and wide.

FCA North America_Supplier of the Year_Trophy

Quality isn’t just an internal metric for us at HARMAN, our partners see and value it as well. In fact, HARMAN was recently selected as a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) North America Innovation Supplier of the Year, an award which recognizes companies that have shown exceptional commitment to FCA, providing innovative and highest-quality products and services.

We have built an impressive business pipeline, while many of our services and products have earned additional notable industry honors and awards this year, receiving one of the highest ratings in the JD Power 2020 Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study, and 25 iF World Design Awards – just to name a recent pair. As we head into 2021, we are enhancing our quality approach by implementing new methods and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to better help anticipate customer needs across the company.